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        Ningbo Huajie Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2003 in spite of the minority of ranges which covered in its prelude start and the severity of competition it faced , but HUAJIE could develop its production noticeably by their hard working, until HUAJIE had a known and brilliant name in the scope of manufacture of hydraulic fittings &hose fittings which are famous in a number of areas abroad that it spreads there and they are very popular with the users there. HUAJIE are ambitious to reach their products to all over the world.

        This name is the fruit of years of steady and continuous effort in order to raise the name of their national industry.

        The development of its production isn’t only in increasing the number of ranges it manufactures , but it proceed to increase the preciseness and quality of its products with the realization of the best prices .

        The company is interested and specialized in manufacture of all types of hydraulic fittings and hose tails with international specifications concerning preciseness and quality. In order to serve their clients,the company could provide freight of goods to all foreign countries.


(We are professional hydraulic fittings manufacturer and hydraulic fittings supplier. )

The name of products
Hydraulic Fittings Hydraulic Hose Fittings Metric Inserts
Hydraulic Fitting Hose Line-End Clamping Shells British Inserts
1 Piece Crimp Hydraulic Fittings Hydraulic Hose Couplers American Inserts
2 Piece Crimp Hydraulic Fittings Hydraulic Hose Couplings DIN Standard Inserts
2 Piece Crimp Ferrules Hydraulic Pipe Fittings Hydraulic Adapters
BSP Male Swage Fittings Hydraulic Tube Fittings Metric Adapters
BSP Female Swage Fittings Hydraulic Crimped Hose Tails British Adapters
Hydraulic Swaged Metric Hose Fittings Staplelok Fittings American Adapters
Hydraulic Swaged British Hose Fittings Interlock Hose Fittings Hydraulic Connectors
Hydraulic Swaged American Hose Fittings Hydraulic Bite Type Fittings Plugs
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